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Upgrading Our Forever Home

We actually look back on some of our earlier projects and just laugh at how hard we made such an easy project to do. But that's ok, that's how we learn! You have to make all kinds of mistakes to see how you can improve the next time. It's been 4 years of upgrading our home and we still sometimes don't know what we are doing! But we never give up! Even if the project is only ever completed at 95%, we at least get more of it done!

We had no idea what we were doing when we first started doing DIYs.

No one is born a great DIYer

Instagram is full of perfect feeds and perfect projects, and perfect lives. But let's cut to it. We know that's not the truth. Sometimes you need a helping hand to show you how it done.

Let's stop pretending we are all perfect and be open to sharing the real, raw truth.

I'm excited to inspire you to create a home you love. Your home should make you feel welcome and reflect your personality, whether you choose a bold or calm design. Let me share my home and design choices to encourage and teach you how to give your home character.

Welcome to our HOME

I'm Julia Greene,

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